Art Education programs


Students in printmaking are encouraged to further their studies of drawing and image development through the exploration of a diverse range of printmaking techniques. Courses lead students through the basics of relief, intaglio, lithography and screen-printing. As technical knowledge increases, students can take full courses in each printmaking area. Our two full-time professors and one part-time professor teach the printmaking courses. These faculty are actively involved in the university and their own work as artists.

Designed for the individual studio artist or art teacher, the courses here at Edinboro provide a contemporary overview of the various print mediums. Recently the printmaking area has focused on the use of safer forms of printmaking techniques. The screen-printing area is now exclusively using water based inks and safer methods of printing. The two well-ventilated studios house one relief press, two intaglio presses and three lithographic presses. Our papermaking studio is used to create papers for printing and to extend paper pulp into two-dimensional and sculptural art. Advanced students can develop expertise in using photographic techniques and incorporate electronic and digital imagery into their prints.

Undergraduate students work along side graduate students and studio assistants to further hone their skills. Advanced courses have an emphasis on critique with students from all levels actively participating. While studying at Edinboro University, all students are encouraged to participate in art related activities both on campus and in the local community. Students have the opportunity to work with visiting artists as well as attend lecture and slide presentations by these artists. There are many extracurricular programs for the printmaking student to become involved with, such as the Student Art League and Egress Press and research, our own professional printing studio.

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