Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Art Education Programs

The Bachelor of Science in Art Education is a four year undergraduate program leading to art education teaching certification (kindergarten to twelfth grade). The philosophy of the program is that the art teacher should be an artist/art educator. In this program students develop their skills as artists, and learn to make historical inquiries, critical judgments, and aesthetic responses to art.

Required courses include drawing and design, a core of required studio courses, art history, art education, and professional education. Three field experiences in art education during the sophomore to senior years are required. The balance of the program consists of general education and elective courses. Students receive relevant computer experiences which include working on the internet to bring images and information to the art classroom.

Students also experience writing contemporary curriculum which meets discipline based art education standards as well as outcome based standards. To receive certification students must pass the National Teacher Examination. Most states have agreements with Pennsylvania and will accept Pennsylvania Certification. Students interested in art therapy should take the BS degree in art education with a minor in psychology.

Students may wish to pursue a BFA degree in a studio area with teacher certification by attending an additional semester. Edinboro University has a strong tradition in art education and majors are often sought for teaching positions.

Edinboro University also offers an MA with a concentration in Art Education.